The Past, the Present
and the Future met.
The Past had to so much
to say of regrets ,
guilty of things said ,
rueful of words unsaid ,
"Dancing skeletons of undead
things always follow me ",
he quietly accepted.

The Future sat feverish,
anxious and hazy ,
"I feel I have no control ,
so I get lazy ,
I am scared and blank
of things unknown ,
She thinks destiny I am ,
I am broken under her hopes,
I cannot save, I condone !

The Present sat silent ,
conscious of their eyes on him ,
it was his turn to speak up ,
sighed ,he smiled, his eyes dim ,
" She acts like I don't exist ,
she pines for what is long dead,
or craves for whats yet not started ,
Its a toxic relationship, you see...
she does not love me", he confessed .